Professor Dmitry PinchukProfessor Dmitry Pinchuk is an author and coauthor of more than 110 publications, 7 inventions and patents on diagnostic methods, 10 monographs and practical guidelines for physicians. Currently, his main sphere of activity is the usage of tDCS for various brain pathologies (more than 20 different types of diseases), diagnostics of brain functional conditions by EEG parameters: methods for localising the sources of EEG activity (3D EEG) based on solving so called “reverse electroencephalography task”, innovative ways of EEG analysis by means of discrete mathematics, investigating the role of  the central nervous system in aetiology and pathogenesis of idiopathic scoliosis in children, studying mechanisms of transfer of neurochemical factors associated with brain pathological conditions and development of rehabilitation methods for children with motor pathology.

He is Head of Scientific Research at the Centre of Human Brain Research, St Petersburg.

He is a member of the Scientific board of Polish annals of medicine.

Professor D. Pinchuk works at the Neurolife Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland, and is Head of Research of the associated non-commercial Scientific Research Institute.


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